(a) How long will it take for my profile to be approved ?

Inshaallah it’s in everyone’s best interest to have it verified ASAP. We aim to complete the process within 5 working days inshallah.

(b) When will my referees be contacted ?

Their contact details will NOT be made public. They will receive a link to the users profile and be required to read and verify the details simply by clicking the link. In order to help the users find a suitable match, the referees would be emailed a proposal that they can discuss inshallah. They might be asked by the admin team to provide a brief character reference of the candidate.

(c) What advice would you offer in selecting a suitable profile ?

Be clear in your own mind the type of person that you would like to marry

Read the potential profile carefully; consider their preferences

Is there any possibility of flexibility in your desired criteria

Please differentiate between essential criteria that you would consider (eg praying 5 times a day) and desired criteria.

(d) Why is there a charge for the service ?

There has been a huge financial investment in setting up the website. Thereafter there are ongoing costs

(e) Do I receive a response to notify me of interest from the other party ?

A notification and an email will be sent out inshallah upon a response from the other party.

(f) Can I see photographs of the profiles ?

In order to minimise the number of people that can view photos of a marriage seeker and to keep the process islamic. It has been decided that this is something which can be arranged at the discretion of the guardians/families once the proposal has been accepted inshaallah.

(g) Is it possible to gain direct access to the candidate contact details ?

This would defeat the object of the Sunnah Marriage UK endeavours to keep the process Islamic & blessed inshaallah. Great efforts have been made to avoid people using a matrimonial service to “Chit chat”, date etc. As shaytaan utilises such opportunities to whisper evil thoughts which can easily lead to haram activities. May Allah protect all the Muslims. Ameen

(h) What if none of the proposals reply to my requests ?

An automated system has been put in place, where if after 10 unsuccessful proposals you will be provided an opportunity to either attend a one-to-one meeting or have an email consultation session to help find compatible matches inshallah.

(i) Why do I have to pay before I seek to make a proposal ?

People have good intentions to pay afterwards. However even with the best will in the world people tend to forget.

(j) How many proposals can a female converse with simultaneously ?

The Wali/guardian may consider several candidates at any one given time. However the sister can only pursue ONE proposal at a time inshaallah.

(k) Is there any advice that the Sunnah Marriage UK team can offer to help me get married ?

Attaining TAQWA of Allah will open avenues from where one wouldn’t expect inshaallah .

Fast to stay CHASTE as per advice from our Prophet Muhamad .

Increase in seeking FORGIVENESS.

HONOURING one's parents.

Learning TAWHEED and implementing it into our lives .

SINCERE duas to Allah for our needs .

Promoting the Sunnah Marriage UK website in order to seek REWARD from Allah.

(l) Is your procedure kept islamic ?

Alhamdulillah the process adopts the sunnah of involving the sisters Wali (male Guardian)
Where a Wali is currently unavailable then any contact details of matching proposals are exchanged between the same gender inshallah
The marriage seekers are not allowed to free mix or have direct chats between the opposite genders
No photos of the marriage seekers are available as these are easily copied and misused. This helps avoid any evil whisperings or temptations.
The direct contact details of the sisters are NOT given out

(m) Who can register on this service ?

May Allah BLESS you for seeking an Islamic method to find a marriage partner inshallah. This service is primarily aimed at PRACTICING Muslims, who agree to the principle of abiding by the Quran & Sunnah with the understanding of the first three generations of Muslims. The aim of this service is to join “Like-minded” individuals together inshallah. Therefore we encourage you to join only if you are in agreement with this ethos. If not then we implore you SINCERELY to learn more about the original and pure teachings of Islam ... JAZAKALLAHU KHAIR

(n) Why is the registration form so detailed ?

Marriage is a very IMPORTANT aspect of life, it requires clarity in what you are seeking and the information provided would help others in their decision making inshallah. Just like other application forms such as professional jobs they would require plenty of detail so that the employers can gauge a clearer insight of your strengths etc. .

(o) Is Sunnah Marriage open to divorcees, reverts or polygamous marriage ?

The sunnah should be adhered to rather than any form of discrimination. With regards to polygamy/polygyny then the laws of the land MUST be adhered to inshallah.

(p) What is the success rate of this service ?

Alhamdulillah, many members have been matched. From them a good proportion have married.

(q) How will I know if a profile could be fake, or if I’m emailed from a fake account?

First of all the users have been reminded to Fear Allah and be truthful in their statements. Secondly, referees have been involved in the process.
Thereafter, at the proposal stage it will be the RESPONSIBILITY of the marriage seekers to verify and ensure that everything presented to them is true and accurate.

(r) Once I have found a match and content with, how can I delete my account, and will all my information be deleted from your system?

Members can make their profiles hidden/ invisible at any time eg. If a sister is considering a proposal. Should anyone wish to have their profile deleted completely, then simply inform admin inshallah.

(s) Can I edit my profile after submission ?

Yes, however the Admin would have to approve its contents inshallah.

(t) Can someone else register on the marriage seekers behalf ?

Yes inshallah, as long as the marriage seeker grants permission for this.