Terms And Conditions

Jazakallahu khair for registering on Sunnah Marriage UK.

As Muslims we must Fear Allah and be truthful in our actions and words.

Thank you for your understanding, and remember, Allah is the One that we all have to answer to.

It is expected from all members to seek the Pleasure of Allah and conduct the search and the meeting of potential suitors in the loftiest of Islamic manners inshallah.

In order to keep the service Islamic and Blessed it is important that the Sisters use their Walee or Guardian’s contact details to pursue any potential profiles.

It is a TRUST (Amanah) upon the users not to give out contact details of any profiles to anyone who is not registered on Sunnah Marriage UK.

Please note at the proposal stage it is the RESPONSIBILITY of the marriage seekers to verify and ensure that everything presented to them is true and accurate.


If anyone is found to be misusing this service through inappropriate conduct, they will have their account permanently BANNED; In this regard, we operate a zero tolerance policy!